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    When that beat dropped at . Makes me wanna go straight up to my job and just quit. But the way my bank account is set up...... la bella e la bestia buy now cialis yes she did want to leave. moana is desperate to leave. not because she dislikes it there but she thinks her place is on the open sea. thats why she talks about how "everybody on this island seems happy on this island". shes the only one who craves something else. theres a difference between being happy and being content. moana is content on her island. its perfectly lovely shes not miserable but theres something missing there that she can only get when shes sailing. moana is happy in the ocean. moana is literally the ocean. thats why theres an emphasis on who she is and who she will become. her grandmother was a stingray when she dies and moana is the ocean and thats why she feels pulled toward it. her grandmother tells her that theres no place moana can go where she wont be (because stingrays live in the ocean, so grandma lives on inside moana) and then whent he grandmother is dying we see moana set sail and her grandmother as the stingray follows her inside the ocean. moana is the ocean. the name moana means ocean. buy viagra now Anika Ekra your age doesn't save you from hate, you made a comment some hated they voiced there dissaporal, doesn't make them a jackass cause your 11, that's just a ridiculous claim every clickbait i take Tune as old as song

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